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ICT Project Management:

Statistics show that 62% of IT projects fail? Have you ever wondered why some projects go smoothly and others seem plagued with problems? we have the answer:

Mentor ICT has the knowledge and experience of what fators can make projects SUCCEED, Mentor ICT utilise these factors to lead and manage the project smoothly and deliver it successfully. Some of these factors include:

- Defining logical and feasible solutions to the business problems.
- Having reasonable time and cost estimates.
- Having buy in from all the team members, and most importantly form the user.
- Communicate, communicate, communiate.

Mentor ICT also knows what makes ICT projects FAIL, and make sure to protect its managed ICT projects against them. Some of these factors include:

- Poor project defintion or scope.
- Lack of change configuration system.
- Lack of Communication.

Mentor ICT will manage your ICT projects through all its phases from defining the business problem or opportunity (Initiating) to achieving the project goals or delivarble (closing). passing by professional project planning, executing and continous monitoring and improving. With Mentor ICT, your projects will go on smoothly and end up successful.

A question may arise here, who really needs to outsource an IT project? again Mentor ICT has the answer:
- Organization with limited number of team members, where senior team member experience is reuired in the core team more than in the project management role.
- Orgnaizations with technical team members but less experience managing ICT projects.
- Organization where nature of business is more operations and not project based.
- Projects where comapnies prefer to develop internally due to confidentional data manipulation, but still need professional management to the ICT project which may not be available within the technical team.
many other scenarios can occur and all lead to the need ot outsource your ICT project to us Mentor ICT.

Even if you have technical skills shortage, or some of the skills required to implement your IT project are missing, we can create and provide you with the virtual team that integrate with your team. Mentor ICT will still act as a single point of cotnact to reduce the communication channels and hassle associated communicating to all team members in different areas or timezones.

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